Track and eliminate cyber-attacks with StreamScan

Électro-5 is helping businesses meet their growing cybersecurity challenges with StreamScan solutions that detect, monitor and respond to threats.

Founded in Montreal more than 10 years ago by cybersecurity specialists, StreamScan is the only cybersecurity firm that offers cost-effective cybersecurity operations services to businesses with solutions developed entirely in-house for local companies.

StreamShield: Cyber-attack detection and prevention

StreamShield is a managed cyber threat detection and response service that combines human expertise with artificial intelligence. StreamShield focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in advance to reduce the risk of attacks on operating systems, applications and devices.

The StreamShield solution provides a real-time view of what is happening in your infrastructure to quickly detect cyber threats. StreamShield also gives you access to a team of certified cybersecurity experts who will guide you through the detection tool set-up process and the analysis of the resulting data.

These experts review the alerts generated by the detection tool in order to quickly monitor and stop potential cyber-attacks in your system.

StreamSwat: Cyber Incident Response

Have you been the victim of a cyber-attack that has put your systems and your customers’ data at risk?

With a StreamSwat Incident Response Retainer, a specialized team will get your network back up and running, whether you’re the victim of a ransomware attack, a malware infection, or a data breach.

Within minutes, a team of cybersecurity experts will take charge of the incident, conducting an analysis and determining a response plan. Once the emergency response phase is complete, they reconstruct the cyber-attack step by step to identify the vulnerabilities and make recommendations for remediation.

The solution includes:

  • Containment of the incident to prevent further damage
  • Possible negotiation with the hackers
  • In-depth investigation and reconstruction of the cyber-attack
  • Eradication and recovery from the incident
  • Forensic analysis and evidence collection when required
  • Incident report


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